#126399  by Dozin
Sparechaynge wrote:I could tell they were pyramids because of the way the ends on the tuning machines looked. Pyramids seem to cut funny compared to other strings. They were probably 12s because there was a LOT of metal strung up on that guitar, the low E was pretty big. I used 12s or 13s for a long time, and that E was way too big to be a "normal" string gauge. The other guitars on display had roundwounds of a much smaller gauge.

Per Dozin:
Weir gets a special set of Pyramid strings made for him called the BW Specials. They consist of 12-52 with an unwound G string.
Please correct me if I'm wrong. I know, telling string gauge w/o playing the guitar is dubious, but what I saw lines up with Dozin's info.

Sorry, I just noticed this. I got the info from Hoeg. He works on Bobby's guitars and AJ gives him the pyramid strings. Pyramid does sell the 12-52 medium/heavy the G string is a 22 in this set. The whole set is 012 .016 .022w .033w .042w .052w I'm sure any plain steel 18 would work fine for the G
 #126427  by Sparechaynge
Thanks Dozin!

While we're on the topic of the Pink guitar, does anyone have any experience with Kinman pickups? They were in this guitar when I saw it a few weeks ago, I guess they're like fancy hum cancelers or something.
 #126448  by Dozin
Are you sure about that? The Pink guitar just got overhauled and Lindy Fralin Split blade Hot vintages were installed.
 #126466  by racecar
More dumb questions

1. Why would the pink guitar get overhauled a few weeks ago? It is in an exhibit at the RnR HOF. Thats where he said he saw the guitar.

2. I didn't think Bobby played the Pink guitar anymore? When was the last time he was using it on a regular basis, when was the last time he played it (I have no clue) ???

Doesn't make sense why after all these years , he would now upgrade it with Fralins? I figured that guitar got dialed in years ago. Is it possible he has more than one pink guitar?
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 #126479  by racecar
mkaufman wrote:Pink guitar wasn't just overhauled. IIRC, this took place ~2 years ago?

ok, my bad, I confused two different statements from two different people. But Dozin does say it was just overhauled, which would not make sense to me at all, which is why I am confused about this. If it was done two years ago, then the comments do make total sense. Do we truly know what pickups are in that guitar today?
 #126480  by Dozin
Yeah, I didn't mean just overhauled like it happened last week or last month. It was being done same time my Blue Lightning bolt was being completed. The Pink guitar's pickguard broke and the bridge was about to fly out of it. This is when the pickups were switched out.

Did the pickups look like this

 #126568  by Sparechaynge
Pups said Kinman on them, 100% sure. I'll look through my pics and see if I have one where you can read the name. IIRC they were black with the logo in white letters.

I will additionally look at my Furthur photos from '11 and '12, He may have used the Pink on 3/8/11.
 #126582  by gmchart
I know this thread has headed over to the pink guitar, and I don't mean to hijack it, I'm gonna vote for--I don't know yet. Got a set of Pyramids about a week ago because you could get 11-48's. Been using D'Addario 10-48's and liked them but the 10's seemed thin, and theD'Addario 11-50's were too bassy. I haven't had that much time to play in the last week, but the bottom line is ...I'm not sure. I like the tone but it's very different than the Chromes. I find that I'm switching pickup selections from what I'm used to. I have an old Strat and I'm not using the neck pup hardly at all, and it used to be my favorite. We'll see...
 #126595  by Dozin
Hey Sparechaynge did you take any pics at the Hall? I was talking to Hoeg about pinky and in the photo that I posted only the pickguard was fixed on that go around. The guitar came back soon after because the bridge was coming loose. The pickups were switched out to the all black Farlin's during that time too.

I'd like to see what the guitar looks like currently at the Hall.
 #126600  by Sparechaynge
I did take pics, I will look through them and try to post some as soon as I can. the camera I used is not with me at the moment, and it may be a week or so until I can post some.
 #126976  by Sparechaynge
OK, so here is one picture, there may be more but I'm still sorting through them all.

Sorry you can't really see the pickups. I'm pretty sure I have a better one, hang in there.

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =1&theater

Hope this link works!

P.S. the video's of 3/8/11 on youtube confirm the Pink guitar was present & played.
 #127014  by Sparechaynge
I don't think so, but it way be in the background of another picture. I also bought the exhibit guide, which has some nice pictures in it, so there may be a headstock shot in that.

Sorry the words on the pickups are unreadable.
 #127016  by Dozin
No no, they're definitely what you said they were.
I see quite a few descrepency to be honest with you.

Post what you have.