#116646  by douglasa


I just finished a 2x12 cab and added it to the completed(?) rig. It has a great sound, and in conjunction with a bunch of ES-345's and a ES-335, I can get any Weir tone from '68-'74. Thanks to all of you "Bobs" for your help in getting these pics up.
 #116648  by gr8fullfred
What is really great about those photos is that it proves that I am not the worst of the gear collecting junkies! Keep up the good work!
 #116752  by douglasa
Thanks for all your kind words, and thanks for helping a dyed -in-the-wool technophobe to figure out how to post these pictures. I've enjoyed seeing all you other "Bobbys" rigs. Lots of fun.
 #116815  by joethepainter
douglasa wrote:My real setup is a Pignose. They're a little lighter.

:roll: :-)

That's some badass shit up in that room, douglas...
 #116817  by mijknahs
Nice pics!

I need to post a pics of all my stuff sometime. Just got a new (to me) 2x12 cab so now I have 3 2x12 cabs and one 1x12 cab (most have E120s but one 2x12 cab has K120s).