#2644  by strumminsix
A few notes before we begin..

The slash chords define an alternate root. Example D/C#:

Play the C#7 like so:
Code: Select all
Hell in a Bucket  
(a quick D6 before B)	Intro	||: B / / / B7 / / / Em / / D6 // ||

C#7            Em           B7 (2x)
Well I was drinking last night with a biker, and I showed him a picture of you.
	    E                  A                 D  D/C#  A  B
I said, "Pal get to know her, you'll like her", 
A5 A5 A5/G# A5 A5 A5 B			(EEEE. B ? for verse before chorus)
seemed like the least I could do.

When he's charging his chopper, up and down your carpeted halls,
You will think me by contrast quite proper, 
never mind how I stumble & fall. Never mind how I stumble & fall!

Chorus:	F#                     (C# B F#)very subtle	
You imagine me sipping champagne from your boot, 
    A              E D         B A		
for taste of your elegant pride
       E        Em                B7  A  
May be going to hell in a bucket, babe, 
but at least I'm enjoying the ride,      EEEE. B
At least I'm enjoying the ride, at least I'm enjoying the ride.

Lead Short (short intro, 4 bars) 

Now miss sweet little soft-core pretender, Somehow baby got hard as it gets. 
With her black leather chrome spiked suspenders, 
Her chair and her whip and her pets. 

Well we know you're the reincarnation; of the ravenous Catherine the Great. 
And we know how you love your ovations
For the Z-rated scenes you create. The Z-rated scenes you create.


	F#m        C#     A	   E
You analyze me, pretend to despise me,
    A				D  D/C#  A  B  E A
You laugh when I stumble and fall.
(follow back half of chorus pattern:)
There may come a day I will dance on your grave
If unable to dance, I will crawl across it
Unable to dance, I'll still crawl.

Lead (longer intro, 16 bars)

You must really consider the circus, for it just might be your kind of zoo,
I can't think of a place that's more perfect for a person as perfect as you.

It's not like I'm leaving you lonely cause I wouldn't know where to begin,
But I know that you'll think of me only when the snakes come marching in.
When the snakes come marching in!

CHORUS  (without ending) 
Ending Jam (like chorus) = C#7    Em    B  A  	E E E   E E E             B
At least I'm enjoying the ride
 #122386  by Tennessee Jedi
Working this one up ..... what a GREAT tune !
Been watching the DVD that has the 2 Cali '87 Shows and the JFK '89 show ...
Anyone know of other vids of this ?
Trying to get a closer take on Jer's stuff - Love that rocking tone when Jerry is soloing !
Anyone else doing this one ?
 #122398  by Lephty
Sweet...thanks for this! I've played this song before but never thought it sounded quite right....looking forward to checking out your arrangement.
 #122753  by Tennessee Jedi
Im having trouble with the " You analyze me tend to despise me " part ....
Any Jerry's out there want to share their take ?
 #122755  by cripeowner
Try this for the verse






F#m F#AUG A D C# A B G# A

" You analyze me tend to despise me "
 #122766  by tigerstrat
Ticket To New Year (12/31/87)...

one of my favorites of all time is 7/2/87 Rochester NY
 #122776  by WildEye
Right on! :cool: PM me tiger strat - I have video of that performance. (worked in Roch and have a 3/4 camera master (plugged into the board) of the first few songs from that show and if I remember right they opened with it).
 #122777  by WildEye
Let me do that over....

Here it is for anyone who is interested. This is unofficial so please don't repost.

Your Video Post is now available for viewing at http://www.WildEyePost.com with the credentials below.

...............:: Login Details ::...............

Username: dead

Password: silver
 #122801  by strumminsix
This a great video for Bobby movements:

Watch his shaping of an Em on the 9th fret. From the C#7 he
- plays the middle 4 strings
- keeps his pinky on the B string adding another 5th to the Em while eliminating the maj 3 of E
- walks the note down on the 5 string from the G# (the maj 3rd of E) to G (the min 3rd of E)
- carries on the 4 middle strings for the B too!
 #124492  by Dozin
This is how I play it

. . B5 .... Bdim ...... E5 ...... B
Well I was drinkin’ last night with a biker…
and I showed him pictures of you


I said “Pal, get to know her, you’ll like her

............. Seemed like the least I could do…

I was trapped in the front row for that Buffalo show right infront of Jer. Awesome show
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 #124537  by strumminsix
I'm actually revisiting my approach to this song after watching a few videos and will post something more after a few more run throughs.
 #124944  by WildEye
Just curious if anyone had watched the video I posted from 87. That's an actual soundboard recording (thru 3/4" video news gear plugged into the out) and it sound really rough. Not like any of the soundboards in that era. When tigerstrat mentioned that date I though "oh shit, I got a recording that no one else has heard". But I felt a bit bad posting such a shitty recording after TS said it was great (and TS to give you credit it was awesome live, it sounded wayyyyyy better there).

So I'm asking if the sound boards from other shows that we all listen to and love is just the "out" or if they get mixed down or sweetened? Or maybe they gave the crew that day a shitty mixdown....

Just wondering if anyone has 2 cents to throw in?