#25625  by tigerstrat
Rev_Roach wrote:Please tell me you're not talking about a stupid Bobby/Donna rumor. I dont know what it would have to do with anything since Hell in a Bucket wasnt played until long after she was out of the band
It was only about 4 years actually, but agreed on the point that it's almost certainly not about their brief dalliance...
 #25657  by kenneybonz
well, pardon me for f'n livin.. :lol:
and of course it don't make no difference when it was played..but it y'all say it ain't , then i'll go with it...
now let me tell you about stevie nix and ... :lol:

anyway, those were my 2 cents on the matter... peace

 #25720  by warrenMFKNhaynes
tigerstrat wrote:It's kinda funny. But Dead concerts were family events and that was just a liiiiitle bit over the top.
spent doin time, for some other fuckers crime... lol