#28864  by toastandjam
A lot of people have been referencing the VFTV II version, since its nice and visible and there's an example of my question to be seen there. Also, it is nice and clear in this show (just grabbed one at random) during the second "rollin' away" part:

http://www.archive.org/details/gd90-05- ... sbeok.shnf

Does anyone have a quick tab for the transitional walk-up played over the G? A > little walkup lick > D? I'm usually quite good at hearing those things out, but this one eludes me.

It really helps fill in the texture\complexity in the otherwise straightforward progression.


 #28913  by Billbbill
There was/is a thread in here where we discuss this (if I'm thinkin about the same riff) where tigerstrat schooled me on this but I'll be damned if I can find it, so...

(/) Slide Up (\) Slide Down (h) Hammer On (p) Pull Off (b) Bend (r) Release (v) Vibrato

the dew.......

I believe it went about like that. Depending on your prowess it may to a bit to get this down. It's pretty quick. Hope that's what you talkin about.
 #76553  by jefkahn
It just sort of occurred to me how similar this lick is the the licks in Help on the Way, such as right after "Paradise waits..." Guess that makes sense.

 #81496  by JonnyBoy
D---------------4 (slide)--7-------------------------7(po)----4----7(this note back into the Amaj chord at same time)

One of the coolest riffs, and kind of tricky this is much like the one tabbed out above, but he does a slight Ghost bend or pre bend before he plucks the string (GB) then pulls off (PO) listen to this below and try it....Again, it's much like above but in an area you can get back to amaj easy if you play the chords like Jerry does. I have heard many slight variations too, centered around the same notes, sometimes no ghost bend, but the studio track has it. Good luck!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqQ-0n2I ... re=related
 #81499  by Billbbill
A decent look at my tab on this vid tho the vid/audio timing is a bit off - best look is the chorus after the 4th verse - 'some come to laugh...'

looks like jg effortlessly moves the the 5th fret A chord. I'd been following the lick kinda cheatin' with this A-ish form


Since this lick is kinda second nature now I can hit the 5th fret A as well

 #81547  by JonnyBoy
You're right! he does jump up the neck to the 9th-11th frets there.. then back to the 5th pretty effortlessly in time at 140 BPM. Those are primarily the same notes, I figured it out by ear from the studio track since it was clearer and more pronounced not to mention before the invention of you tube, All hail you tube. If I had You Tube 20 years ago I would be a guitar legend by now. :lol: Pretty Cool Bill...--JB

PS I can't tell you how many of his licks I do in different places than he does, Help lick, bird song, Terrapin licks, Crazy fingers chords etc... I just have trouble learning new tricks! and some seem harder to pull off his way!
 #81636  by Billbbill
I did hear some licks with the D|10 instead of D|11 which is what you have - note wise if not position wise.

Yea for the most part I'm not on jg's positioning for most licks either until I see where he plays it - then I at least have to give it a go! I try whatever sounds best and then some positions need so extra work.