#42  by lanceybro
I came across a bootleg from 1976, at Buffalo, NY. I believe it was in the spring, maybe in May of that year. The entire show was clear perfection, but the Help/Slip/Franklin's Tower is the best I have ever heard. They played these songs for the first time that year at the Great American Music Hall. That version is also incredible. My band loves to play that song; even though it's relatively basic, you can jam for hours and hours...
 #43  by grizzbear
The 70's were definitly their best years!
Their my favourite! :lol: :lol:
 #452  by raaustge
You can check out more bootlegs at a site I always go to at www.nugs.net Check it out you wont be dissapointed.
 #494  by phishin0ut
Go to Nugs.net and check out Phil and Friends version from the Warfield 1999. Kimock, Trey and Page were all part of the band for 3 amazing shows. It's so sweet to hear Trey and Page doing Dead Tunes.


 #608  by Deadhead384
There is a unbelievable Franklins tower on:
November 9, 1979.

Its full of effects. Check it out gdlive.com. its crazy that whole concert is amazing.

peace 8)

By the way it was jerry's b-day 3 days ago!!