#166299  by smd1973
Jerry does an interesting riff in this version of Franklin’s Tower that I can’t figure out what he’s doing. It comes just after the intro and before he starts picking leads. Anyone know what I’m talking about and anyone know how to reproduce that riff?
 #166300  by joshq
I just actually listened to it several times through headphones since they were within arms reach... But I actually can't pick out what you're talking about. You mean it comes in before that high F#->E (19th->17th frets) on the second string? Or, is that the lick you're talking about, the first two lead notes he plays? Before that, I just hear chords/triads.
 #166305  by joshq
Thanks for the clarification. It is F#->E on the second octave, second string (19th fret to 17th fret). Sounds like he rakes the pick over muted strings as he plays the first note (19th fret). Beautifully simple intro on one of sickest Franklin's ever.

Edit - could also be played as 14th to 12th frets on the first string, but sounds more like the second string and positioning in that neck of the woods.