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lovingweir wrote:thanks so so much for that video. thats exactly the kind of help i need. if you or anyone else has videos of that nature let me know
peace always
I agree totally witht his post, I started playing last feb. and my finger movements and finger strength are great but rhythm is the main thing holding me back but with this video I got this down in literally less then five minutes.

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Wow that's old. Glad I could help. I don't play lead, but I can do rhythm pretty well.

If anyone else has a need for something like this, check out a song's forum and post a request.
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Don't know if there's still an interest, so this may not be relevant. It took me weeks to get the strum pattern down. I'm pretty sure it goes as follows:


It's pretty difficult at first, but it gets easier. It's especially easy on the chorus, since the lyrics cue you to go from A to G (the "away" when Jerry sings the second "roll away" between the first "roll away" and "the dew."
Anyway, I hope this helped. If not, it gave me something to do.
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By the way, that last post I made on Franklin's Tower strumming pattern, the computer messed up the formatting on the chords. Disregard the chords. Just use the strum pattern and listen to a recording for chord changes.
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Here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/105 ... 0tower.pdf. The solo is one from 05/09/1977 that I just transferred to the computer from my sheet music book.

Also, you should note that wherever swung 16ths appear, they're not fully swung, but they certainly aren't straight, either. Listen to the recording to get the in between feel Jerry was playing with that night.
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tigerparsons- thank you for that!