#2576  by abspatz
i love this song, but am getting bored always playing it with open chords. any ideas out there on ways to spice it up a little and make it a bit more interesting?? thanks for the help! -andrew

 #2589  by Billbbill
Here's the chords I play for the end part of the chorus. You can also play around with this in the lead.

I been all night long comin home don't ease me in


 #2607  by abspatz
thanks bill. those sound nice...do you play the entire song with barre chords, or just move there toward the end of the chorus?

 #2609  by Billbbill
During the verse and up until the end of the chorus I pretty much stay at the end of the neck with the open E and the barre B. For the lead I'm all over the place. I'll do some lick fills between lyric lines in all the obvious places, but mostly at the end of the neck also although I'll stray up the neck when it fits.

 #14403  by b weird
BillBill I was wondering could you give an example of a generic solo for the song? It would be much appreciated, especially since all my solo's sound boring. Thanks.

 #14406  by Billbbill
Hey BW,
I want to do a vid that covers a lot of the lead bases that can be applied to multiple tunes.

This is a pretty good tune to use for tunes that bounce back and forth between two chords (except the end for this one).

I was also thinking of Promised Land as another good one, though this has a quick stop on the 4 of the 1 - 4 - 5.

I kinda play E mixolydian over the E (Ionian as well) and B mixolydian over the B with a flat 3rd here and there, and some chromatics over both chords. Some E and B pentatonic major as well.

More and more it seems like a potpouri of stuff makes up my approach which makes communicating it difficult especially with my lack of technical knowhow and theory knowledge.

I don't think I'll tab out a solo as much as try to breakdown the scale approach on a fretboard. Just haven't gotten to these things yet. Things have been busy and they likely won't be slowing down anytime soon so I've got to squeeze this in somewhere.