#139269  by James-T

Here's a great video that's worth a watch and the jest of it...... is that for songs like Deal, it's not about modes and scales, its about jazz and finding the right target notes of each chord, basically playing over the chords.

This guy does a great job of breaking Jerry's playing down into five stragegies or approaches, and Deal would not fall into the strategy of running up and down scales - except of course in the 80's versions with the big jam at the end. :smile:

I was inspired after watching this in the morning and learned Loser - the lead is in what this guy coins as the melody strategy, playing off of the melody. He makes a point of calling Jerry's jazz approach as the most important, and even though Deal is not a jazz tune, its got lots of chords like a jazz standard.

The video is worth a watch. I took away some good stuff from it.