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When playing cumberland, its definatley best to play a g blues scale off the six string, it sounds darn close to jerry on the album. Myself, i like to play a little of the intro from the main site and then start soloing on the scale, but still incorporating some of the main riffs. If someone needs me to post the scale, then jsut post or send me a private message.(im haveing some trouble with the tab creator, sorry)
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ok sorry! i figured out hte tab creator. most of you probably already know this but here it is anways-


I thiknk the last six notes of this are optional, but its best to use them anyways. When i play this scale i like to take the last (optional) note and slide it down two frets so its back in the main part of the scale and just go down on that. This format works everywehre on the 6 string but im not sure if there are any off of the 5 string. when i solo off cumberland, i like to take this riff from the main solo on the site:


and build off that. But is also fun to use the other riffs in a solo. Just have fun with it!
Hope this was helpful
P.S the A blues scale is really effective on good morning little school girl and the b blues is good on hard to handle, but im not 100 percent sure on that cause i think jerry throws some other scales in there as well but i really dont know, but i like to use it on handle
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in my stupidy of the scale i didnt realize that all of the "optional" notes are already notes mentioned in the scale, its just a different little riff to go down on rather than just going down on the scale.
sorry if this caused confusion! :oops: