#1248  by captain_trip_420
Here it is. alot alike dancin' intro for bobby.


 #1257  by Billbbill
Hey again,
I'm feelin' weird about that C# note you have for Bob's intro. I always had it as a straight G7 - G7sus4 chord thing on the 10th through 13th frets. Is there a particular version where you here this? Or is it just your general feel?
 #1271  by jhc
Why not:


 #1272  by Billbbill
That works.
 #1538  by strumminsix
[quote="jhc"]Why not:


That's exactly right.
90% of the time Bobby accents using D or C shapped barres.

 #12167  by Dozin
How do you think Bob is playing this intro?


I think Captain is right

 #12172  by Billbbill
Looks and sounds to me like what I'd said above



 #12183  by phreaker
Bill's got it.

 #12186  by Dozin
I agree.

I was watching downhill from here today and was noticing bob doing a little bar slide from the 10th fret to the 12th that sounds pretty good.

 #12201  by HOWEYMAN
Or just say screw it and play the acoustic version off Workingmans Dead where it is just a straight barred G at the third fret. lolololo