#140753  by flavaham
Am I the only one that loves this tune??

It always bummed me out that they didn't play this one more. According to Dead Base, it was only played 7 times, the last being in 1967.

Has Furthur ever done this one? And, is there a "Deadbase" type of site for Furthur shows/tunes?
 #140754  by tatittle
Golden Road (Unlimited Devotion)--(or whatever its called lol) is the one I love that never was played live really. Its on countless soundtracks of SF in the 60's...its probably better in that context than as a radio single come to think of it.
 #140784  by TI4-1009
IIRC Jerry never liked it. It was one of the first and only songs that he wrote both the words and music to, and after that he was happy to let Hunter do the wordsmithing. It's fun to hear, but I'll go along with Jerry's self-assesment of his lyrics.
 #141015  by James-T
Phil's Birthday at the SF Civic a few years back. Furthur broke it out at the end of the show. I was there and took this photo during the song. I did because the band surprised Phil with go-go dancers. Very funny and just amazing good vibes during this tune. Its a great song, regardless of what Jerry thought. Fits right in there with the whole 60's trip.


Peace, :smile:

 #141018  by ebick
I think I recall that Vince wanted to bring it into the rotation. And I similarly recall that Jerry's response was "fine, as long as you sing it". It obviously never got off the ground.