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I was directed to this wonderful forum by the people over at terrapinnation after making this post:
"I am studying audio engineering in my first year. We have gotten an assignment; We should pick a song and try to record it with the intention of making our recording sound as similar to the original as possible.

With the recent passing away of Hunter I chose one of his most well known song; Box of Rain, I also chose it because it was recorded in a studio and not on a live show which makes it easier to emulate.

I am wondering if you know where I can read about how they recorded this? What mics they used, what amps and so on?

I have tried to google but most results only discuss how the song was written. I have not found much info on how the dead worked in the studio since most material is about how their set up during live shows would work.

Maybe you have some knowledge on the subject?

Grateful for anyone who can help me to recreate the wonderful sound of this song.

when I made a thread about how to sound like Box of Rain for an upcoming school project since I study audioengineering.
Figured there might be some expertise on this forum.

What I´m mostly interested in is how Steve Barncard would work with the audio, would he mic the amps? How far would he put the mics? How many per amplifier and so on. How would he record drums? What was the technical equipment at this time? Did they use tape? (probably, how many channels?)

I'm also curious in how each band member gets their unique sound but I guess that info is found in other subforums across rukind.

Grateful for any answers!

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