#163836  by yodasfro
I plan on building some speaker cables for bass head to cab/s and for my pa. I picked four conductor canare cable and neutrik speakon connectors correct me if I am wrong I can just connect the two pairs of wires together to make them two conductor. It may be overkill but it will work right?
 #163967  by zambiland
Are you talking about 4 conductor speaker cable? If so, yes, you could do that, although it's not ideal. Best practice is to get as large a gauge as you can and just use as many conductors as you need. 4 conductor speaker cable is usually used in a biamp situation.
 #163987  by yodasfro
Well don't really have a choice at this point. It's already purchased. I think Canare may make a two conductor speaker cable but I have yet to find it available in the states anywhere.
 #164029  by yodasfro
Cables all done and made. The canare 4S11 was difficult to deal with luckily I only needed one cable made from it. The canare 4S8 was much easier to deal with and works great.
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