#161110  by playingdead
Now that both guitars, bass and keys are going direct, we did a multitrack the other night. Interesting to hear what was happening for a minute or two during Eyes of the World minus drums and vocal mics. Good tool to share with other band members ... playing more sparsely during vocals ... getting more specific interplay happening in the heat of the moment ... this is much busier than I would have thought it would be, but then again Eyes is a fairly busy song.


I've tried to do this before but inevitably there's leakage from a mic'd guitar cab, etc. It all sounds fairly cohesive when you listen to it together but when you isolate each instrument it's pretty illuminating ... sometimes in a not-so-good way.
 #163288  by strumminsix
My office has a pair of JBL small monitors about 5 feet apart. With that separation it sounds amazing. Maybe less amazing if mono. But this music is supposed to appreciated in a wide sense. Strong rhythm on right, tight bass on left and center, lead guitar sounded center. Really nice mix IMO.
 #163297  by hippieguy1954
Maybe a tad busy sometimes, but for the most part you guys sound great as usual!