#163939  by Jblue76
 Tue Dec 25, 2018 7:45 am
Hey All,
I could really use your help! I’ve got a ‘68 drip edge twin with a nice pair of k120s and I want to get it running quieter and fully optimized for a sweet JG tone. I’d like to go to the amp tech with a clear list of work to be done, but I know basically nothing about electronics and am pretty confused by all that my google searching has turned up. So, I thought I’d defer to you experts that make up this awesome community and get some clarity in the matter.

Background info: The amp has already been blackfaced (though there is Reverb on the normal channel, less than on the vibrato channel, but it’s there), caps were replaced a couple years ago, and the tubes are all original (tested fine when it was serviced). Actually, not that it’s relevant to my question but kinda cool anyway, the amp was originally owned by a Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer named Earl Heywood and his name is stencilled in the back with yellow paint.

So, not that I really understand what this all means, and please correct the mistakes I’m sure that I am making, but I gather I tell the tech I want:
— .022uFs in the tone stack.
— non-inductive metal film plate resistors.
—change all of the cathode resistors with military grade axial lead tantalum capacitors and do this for the bypass caps as well.
— do I ask him to disconnect the vibrato?
—do I want him to jumper channels in some way?
— do I get him to do something with the input that reduces noise?
—are there any other aspects of the Healy mods I should get done?

Thanks in advance everyone! After almost 30 years of practice, It’s about time my gear finally gets caught up to my fingers!

And to all that celebrate, Merry Christmas!