#143976  by Jon S.
 Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:46 pm
This looks to be pretty close (and if necessary, mod-able to be closer yet) to my SMS Classic Pre into Carvin DCM200L backup rig. Indeed, configured as a head, it weighs exactly the same as my pre and power amps in their Gator 2U short rack. I'd be interested in trying one.
300W Half and Half
Tube Preamp meets Class D Power

Imagine 300 watts in a compact lightweight package with a real, handwired tube preamp and Milkman quality contstruction. The Half and Half is finally here!



300W Class D Power Amplifier
Hand Wired Tube Preamp
Tube Spring Reverb with Tone Control
Full Size 17" Reverb Tank
Volume, Trebe, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Reverb Tone Controls
Line Level Output
Available as a Head, 12" Combo or 15" Combo
Head Weight 16.5lbs
12" Combo Weight 31.5lbs
15" Combo Weight 33.5lbs
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