#169780  by Jon S.
I'm curious as to whether it truly sounds unique vis-a-vis a vintage Dual Showman or modern similar preamp. Were we to do a blind test with a FYD or SMS versus the F-2B, do you think we could tell which is which?

Here's a guy selling what he claims is an F-2B clone for $240.42 + $31.63 shipping. It runs on 220V only, though: https://reverb.com/item/38591866-alembi ... id-gilmour
 #169781  by lbpesq
I’ve never played through a FYD or an SMS. I have played a bunch with a guy who uses an SMS and it sounds great. I suspect one can get good tones out of any of them. The F-2B is based on the Fender Dual Showman with a slight mod to the input circuit. The stereo functionality of the F-2B perhaps adds a little more versatility over the other two. But it’s all good.

On another note, I just checked tracking and both my Carvin Mach 100 and my custom body from Warmoth (for my next Alligator) arrive today! Yeehaw!

Bill, tgo
 #169793  by lbpesq
Just came upstairs from messing around for 1/2 hour with the Valeton Coral > TC Electronics HOF Mini > Carvin Mach 100 > two 1x12 JBL K120s. WOW! I could easily gig this rig, no problem. The Carvin puts out lots of clean power with loads of headroom. The Coral Amp BF model sounds really good, and there are several amp models that work well for lead and eliminate the need for an additional OD pedal. I’m looking forward to spending some more time with this rig and doing some comparisons this weekend. But my initial reaction is that I’m absolutely blown away that something this small can sound so good!

Bill, tgo
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 #169798  by Jon S.
lbpesq wrote: Fri Feb 12, 2021 7:12 pm I could easily gig this rig, no problem. ... my initial reaction is that I’m absolutely blown away that something this small can sound so good!
Serious question/don't shoot me for asking!

If you're going to have to transport a pair of 1X12s regardless, why so much effort to make the "pedal-based head" super small?

Part of why I'm asking is I'm considering doing the same but then I ask myself the same question and so far don't have a good answer.
 #169804  by lbpesq
Good question that I’ve also considered. Here’s my answers:

1. I don’t have to bring both cabs. For smaller situations, informal jams, etc., one channel through one cab is plenty loud enough;

2. In some situations, there is already a cab there I can plug into;

3. In multi-band gigs where we share a backline, I can still use my own rig with my own settings without playing the prima donna insisting on setting up my own amp;

4. When I travel, (post pandemic), I can easily bring my own rig with me and plug into a borrowed cab or direct to PA;

5. To see if I could do it, just for fun.

Is this necessary? Of course not. But for the modest expense it’s great bang-for-the-buck entertainment as, like most of us, I’m spending most of my time at home these days.

Bill, tgo
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 #169828  by Jon S.
lbpesq wrote: Sun Feb 14, 2021 12:03 am Another reason:

Smallest, lightest backup. The more convenient the backup, the more likely I am to actually bring it along.

Bill, tgo
This may be your most practical reason of them all as how many times have we known we should bring a backup but don't because we just don't want to lug another rig.
 #170824  by Jon S.
Followup question about Milkman The Amp 100.

Can this unit be used with NO speaker attached? I.e., could I use it as a preamp, only, into a discrete power amp?

And if yes, would I use as the preamp's output one or more of front headphone jack, or the rear balanced out or pedal out?

I have the manual - suprisingly, it doesn't seem to cover this.
 #170836  by Jon S.
25W @ 8 ohms. H&K say on line those are correspond to a real tube amp but if that's true, still, it's DR-level into an 8 ohm speaker so be sure that's sufficient volume and headroom for you before purchasing.

Additionally, and this may be only me but FWIW, I've never played a H&K amp I really liked. Though if I someday pull together a Rush tribute band, I'll revisit my decision. :biggrin: