#170580  by tdcrjeff
I came across this guy on Reverb. He offers dual jack plates for your OBEL-equipped Jerrycaster in oval/rectangle and brass/titanium, as well as a fully built up OBEL buffer with switches and knobs for dropping in to a Strat pickguard. He also has done "Boost of the Dead" and "Samson '78" pedals


 #170585  by wpmartin1979
tdcrjeff wrote: Mon Apr 05, 2021 1:43 am
wpmartin1979 wrote: Sun Apr 04, 2021 7:15 pm I’m not visualizing where the five way switch would fit in with that
Below the switches.

Ah yes okay, but that is the only place that the battery would fit no?
In the listing it says that you should “drill through the back of the guitar to the tremolo cavity” and that the cavity makes a good place for the battery- however in my experience with Strats batteries don’t really fit behind a decked trem - if you have a newer two point trem then maybe but not with a vintage trem- you could maybe put it where the springs would go, but need to have some springs to ground the guitar and depends on the cavity depth which can vary- this is where installation could get dicey.
Best solution is pay the $80 to a luthier to install a battery box - then your ready to go with no worries :rockon:
BTW I had a Boost of the Dead pedal and though it was great - definitely sounded like a Stratoblaster and when combined with the buffer had a nice effect - recently sold it cause I have blasters in a couple of my guitars now and found it redundant but definitely a cool pedal - Farm makes really high quality stuff