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jackietreehorn wrote: Mon Nov 30, 2020 9:53 am
I believe I also read Doug Irwin's Jerry guitar shapes aren't copyrighted as guitars, which is why there are so many replicas, but they are as images, by the Garcia Estate for the purposes of selling t shirts and what not.
Jon S. wrote: Sun Nov 22, 2020 10:39 am If there is any builder, of guitars, preamps, amps, effects, or buffers, who has ever paid a nickel in royalties to the original gears' creators for non-copyrighted or non-trademarked designs, I'd like to know who he, she, or they are.

I ask this because, to my knowledge and experience, when an old design or association isn't copyrighted or trademarked, no one in the music industry pays when they copy or base their new gear on it. And if I'm wrong, I'd like to know, which is why I'm asking now (it could play a future role in which builders I prioritize for my own future new gear purchases).

P.S. And I'm not saying this course of events is necessarily a laudable thing, only that I believe it's the reality of the situation and that I personally approach the practice consistently builder-to-builder. (Also, paying royalties differs from paying credit. The builders I know who riff off of Dead designs routinely credit the originals. Though, of course, if they didn't, we wouldn't be having this discussion.)
Lieber has a copyright on a line drawing of wolf and tiger but does not own any rights to the shape of the guitar only that particular image. He also owns the rights to Irwin's headstock logos which I think will be challenged in the future. The Garcia Estate owns the rights to the Tiger and Wolf image. I am not sure about Rosebud but Cripes bolt is owned by GD Productions. I spoke with Doug Irwin a couple months back and offered to pay him a royalty for building my interpretation of his guitar but without his headstock design/logo nor would I use his name to market my instruments. I told him emphatically that no instrument coming out of my shop could be construed as being one built by him. He was very gracious and said that a royalty wasn't necessary. He is building again, so it will be interesting to see what happens with all of this in the future. I have been surprised that he doesn't partner with a builder to build an Irwin authorized guitar.
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These showed up on Reverb a couple of days ago:
https://reverb.com/item/37580888-travis ... r-jan-2021
Travis Bean Designs is making a small run(6) of these JG 500s. Seeing as someone is trying to make fake ones, here the opportunity to get the real thing. This is the true and only full spec version of Garcia’s TB500 with OBEL. Every part is sourced from the original companies and everything else is made in-house. Marc McElwee(VP), who designed this(and all TBs except the Wedge, that was all Travis), gave me all the secrets and methods used to make everything including the very unusual pickups. Features T6061-T6 aluminum neck, Schaller Tuners, and full spec electronics. This comes with all the cables you need to make the OBEL work and they are made by Rattle Snake cables. Comes in a hardshell case and international buyers are welcome. We do not make runs of these very often so get it while you can. Please note that shipping will be on or before January 29th, 2021. These are already underway. Best!
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>> Seeing as someone is trying to make fake ones, here the opportunity to get the real thing.

At $10,500 +$97 shipping for 1 of their limited run of 4 available instruments, the Electrical Guitar Company can rest assured they aren't in direct competition with Eastwood or Phred. :|