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Hey Everyone,

After seeing the positive initial reviews of the Eastwood Wolf, https://rukind.com/viewtopic.php?f=419&t=20141, I picked one up off Reverb (scheduled for delivery tomorrow) and am planning to do a handful of mods.
Buffer and pickup are ordered, and I'm now looking for advice on sourcing the right potentiometers. My research so far has me looking at:
A couple of questions:

1. Are these good choices for the volume & middle pots?

2. I'm having trouble finding a solution for a 250K/500K mod pot for the neck/bridge tone control. Does anyone have a source for parts that they are willing to share or extras that you are willing to sell? I emailed Leo at Scarlet fire (noting that the parts page has been taken down) and Andrew at AO guitars from a link I found another thread to see if they have any to sell, though I haven't heard back yet.
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They look like nice guitars ,aren't you interested in trying it out before the changes?what kind of pots do they come with?the only reviews i have seen are on here and no one has mentioned Any problems with the electronics just the buffer is too hot and they adjust it .also anyone know exactly how they are wired?
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I'm having trouble finding a solution for a 250K/500K mod pot
Allen Bradley no longer makes 'em so it's not too surprising that particular part is hard to source.

You might try DMing Leo/ScarletFire Guitars on Facebook - he's pretty active there.

www.tedss.com claims to have AB pots in stock, so if that was a standard part they might have a few. Since it's a modular you might have to assemble them yourself to duplicate it.

State Electronics ( www.potentiometers.com ) assembles modulars and might be willing to sell you parts for a small quantity.

In both of the latter cases I would suggest calling them, telling whoever answers the phone you're interested in a small quantity of potentiometers, and explaining what you're looking for once you're connected to the right person.

Good Luck!
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I am pretty sure tiger wiring has a 10k log volume and 500/500 tone pot? That is how mine is and sounds good.
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Hitime wrote:I am pretty sure tiger wiring has a 10k log volume and 500/500 tone pot? That is how mine is and sounds good.
Waldo's old wiring diagram shows a 25k log pot for volume, 500k linear tone pot to the neck pickup and a 250k/500k AB linear to the mid and bridges pups, with .2 uf caps leading from each pickup.

At one point there were some instructions or a thread on how to construct the 250/500 tone pot from two regular pots, but no idea if any remnants of that have survived.

Also, I think Sarno has said he's had good success wiring a guitar up with 300k tone pots as an alternative to building a 250/500 frankenpot.
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I just double checked the diagram you suggested and you are right there was a old diagram with the 10k volume,and 250k/500k tone pot but the newer diagram says 10k vol ,500/500 tone.and I used it like this. I think the volume goes up faster on one and a little slower on the other and i always thought single coils always did better with 250k tone pots but I have a jerry guitar with three single coils and all 500k pots and 10k vol and wal d buffer sounds great and yes .02 tone caps. I think the 500k pots make it a little brighter also I did get to see inside the eastwood wolf and the potentiometer s are like the ones in a cheap squire and can't go wrong with a wald buffer
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Nice find. I've seen a handful of Tiger/Wolf inspired builds that used a concentric pot, presumably that they had the same trouble finding a source for a single MOD style pot.

Interesting comments above on the 10K volume pot -- that's the first I've come across this in my research.
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PurpleTrails wrote: Wed Feb 26, 2020 10:04 pm Was looking around for parts for a Jerrycaster build and look what I found:

https://stratosphereparts.com/new-cts-2 ... -4585-000/

CTS 250k/500k pots
That's an Allparts pot. They also carry a CTS500k/500k pot. Both pots are audio versus linear taper. I have been gravitating more to linear pots on my passive setups. I don't know if it is different on an active system.
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If you're going the 500/500k route there is no reason you can't use a single 500k linear pot which gives you a lot of choices. If you don't care about going the mil-spec route and want to have a stacked pot you can use Alpha mini (16mm) pots. You can get them in 250/250 linear or 500/500 linear and if you want to have mixed values you can swap the back wafers for a 250/500 or 500/250.
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Thanks everyone for the tips. I ended up talking with Leo at Scarlet Fire who stated that 10K is the correct value for Tiger's volume pot (he personally confirmed with D. Irwin).

I ordered a Precision Electronics (PEC) 10K audio/log taper for the volume, PEC 500K linear taper for the middle pickup, and I was able to find a couple of Allen Bradley 250K/250K and 500K/500K dual linear taper pots that I'm going to see if they can be disassemmbled and combined to a 250K/500K pot. If not, I think 500K for all tone pots makes the most sense.
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I have a PEC 25k in my Tiger. It's sometimes a little scratchy if it hasn't been used for a while, but a couple cranks around and it quiets right down.