#166211  by Kaifusha
Hi all! I was wondering if anyone here or elsewhere can make/knows where to get a dual 1/4" input jack plate for a strat for an OBEL setup? I jerrified a strat a while ago and have a dual plate made of the pickguard material, but it flexes just a bit and want to replace it with something more rigid. And I'll be doing another OBEL setup at some point in the not too distant future with another strat, so I'd be looking to get two. Thanks for any help!
 #166220  by ap0p
Here is where I got my plate for my strat. They are capable of customizing parts as well so just email Rick Peek and ask for another hole to be drilled. You can reach him by email at <rick@killerguitarcomponents.com>. Everything fit perfectly after my mod!