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What is the difference between Waldo Electronics TPC-1 Preamp buffer and a Unity Gain Buffer? I see both being suggested as preamps for my Tiger.
 #166063  by tdcrjeff
Hey Mr. Jerman, welcome!

Waldo's TPC-1 is essentially a unity gain buffer, except that it is not quite unity gain, it's actually -1.7 dB. "Unity Gain Buffer" being the generic name.

Here's an old thread that tries to clarify the "non-unity gain" of the TPC-1. Though several posts talk about it having higher gain than "unity" when it actually has lower gain than unity.

This post in particular:

At least that's my understanding.

TPC-1 on Reverb pretty clearly states -1.7 dB gain:
https://reverb.com/item/23796313-wald-e ... ffer-1-7db