#165490  by TeeJay
Would there be any reason to shield the 9v battery box? I never really thought about this until I was redoing an Ibanez bass the other day and noticed they shielded the battery box (somewhat, it was only partially painted and foiled on the cover plate but no shield ground).
 #165492  by milobender
No need to shield the battery. Are you sure it's shielding in the guitar cavity and not just black paint? On all the stock guitars I remember having, they've painted the cavities black, but it isn't shielding paint... too much. 'Industry Standard' stinks.
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 #165493  by TeeJay
Brian I think you are correct, it is just cosmetic black paint in the routes. The weird thing is they took the time to foil the little plastic cover plate for the battery route.
 #165497  by milobender
I've also seen a number of cavities that were shielded, but the shielding wasn't connected to the ground bus... just not understanding the purpose of things.