#162456  by sw72
 Fri Sep 07, 2018 9:57 am
Gents - Writing to tell you about what I believe is a new luthier option for this group. His name is Jason Lindsey - his company is Jason Lindsey Guitar Works in Flagstaff Arizona. I own a Scott Walker Santa Cruz. I wanted to modify the pick ups and electronics to get a split Super 2 and more modern buffer, boost, and OBEL electronics. Scott Walker is a great man but is really busy these days and that is wonderful. Jason was Scott's protégé for four plus years until he moved back to Flag Staff, AZ to start his own shop. You can read about Jason's time with Scott Walker on Scott Walker's website blog section. Jason's company is: https://www.lindseyguitarworks.com/
Jason has done a magnificent job with my Reclaimed Old Growth Redwood Scott Walker Santa Cruz. He is very familiar with Scott's work and electronics and has modern CNC machines etc... I know there are some wonderful guys doing modification work listed on the board. Jason maybe a great fit for those seeking to modify a Scott Walker that are struggling to find the right set of hands to attend to an instrument of this quality. Scott Walker was very supportive of Jason's work and was very helpful to Jason in getting this done right. This is not any paid promotion. Just an honorable mention for a job well done. Here are a few photos of the guitar modification project. Best to you all it's pleasure to be amongst so many passionate players.