#161959  by PaintedMandolin
 Wed Jul 25, 2018 1:30 pm
Howdee Grateful Peeps.

By way of splainin' myself to Lucy, Ricky and the rest of you....
I am a 50 something old school head (first shows were RCMH in '80)
who leads a new, local GD Tribute band with me on Modulus Q5
alongside my skillful kid who is a whiz at Jerry style leads, along with
3 other, talented, college aged pals of Jr. These kids dubbed the band,
"Ted & Company," and we've been running fairly successfully with that
and playing once a month in SF. Next gig is 8/4 (Jerry Day Eve) at Ocean Alehouse...

My kid's 20th Bday is imminent and I've decided to leverage the skills of my local luthier,
the one and only Gary Brower (who worked on Jerry's guitars) to modify this guitar for the kid's use and as a Bday Gift.

I've owned a very playable Ibanez MC200NT for about 25 yrs and while it sees some action, it could be made into something
better then it is - so I'm having Gary install an OBEL and UGB in it. I gave my kid my vintage Mutron III and he's craving for
more onboard control and to avoid the occasional ear splitting volume spike that can happen w out the use of these electronic gizmos.

Gary suggested I hit the net to research sources for a brass 5 way pick up toggle plate that won't be too far from the triangular
brass scalloped bridge plate of the Ibanez.

I was able to find useful and in-stock parts via Phred here:

I am wondering if anyone can recommend other, perhaps better, brass parts suppliers?
I'll likely need a 3 humbucker brass pick-up frame too.

If you have any real knowledge to share, please reply!

-Grateful Ted