#155210  by tatittle
 Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:07 pm
Anybody here use their Dimarzio Super 2 pickup in parallel often? Is it a good tone with the Super 2? Which position (neck/middle/bridge) humbucker sounds best in parallel? From researching this forum it looks like Garcia may have used the DualSound/Super Dist. wired in parallel in the early Tiger years, but when he switched to Super 2's he nixed the parallel option. Is the Super2 tone in parallel mediocre compared to the regular Super Distortion?

I'm ready to finally install my Wald TPC-1 and was considering combining the coil-cut switch so it cuts both bridge and middle Super 2's together, instead of 2 separate switches I currently have. I could then use the freed up switch as a Series/Parallel selector for at least 1 humbucker. I could probably even use it to switch both humbuckers to Series/Parallel simultaneously but need to double check that. It may be wiser to just add a 3-way toggle to switch between Series/Coilcut/Parallel. Any experience or advice in this Parallel Super 2 matter is appreciated. Didn't Garcia have this option on a Super 2 guitar? TopHat maybe? But if the Super2 is mediocre in parallel I may hold that option for a Super Distortion (have 1 its just hideous neon yellow lol).

I have a single coil in the neck position currently, Humbuckers in middle and bridge; 2 push/pull tone pots currently wired for coilcut of each humbucker; also have OBEL with bypass switch located on a Scarlet Fire Guitars custom output jackplate

Typical/traditional humbucker wiring is series (if I'm not mixing them up); I guess parallel wiring is like 2/4 position Strat pickups except the coils are next to each other in 1 humbucker as opposed to neck/middle or mid/bridge. Telecasters are parallel come to think of it Thanks.
 #155226  by lovetoboogie
 Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:09 am
I just wired up a clients Wolf copy(DGN Guitars) with a period-correct setup for late 78'-early79'. The Dualsounds wired for series/parallel was immediately eye-opening. The lower output parallel wiring on the bridge and middle pup is a nice touch. Similar to coil-cut but with a little hair on it. I believe the Super 2's by design are already a lower output pickup with a DCR in the PAF region...I have had those wired for coil-cut(single) in other Garcia project guitars. As usual they all deliver. But I never wired those for series/parallel so I can't speak on that. I think you should play around with it and report back! ;)