#166569  by ChinaCatMatt
Looks great. How does it play? Mandolin is my second instrument after guitar but i never tried one of the electric 5 string ones.
 #166572  by thistle3585
Plays great. It went to a guy that plays in a Dead cover band in Cincy. I made the string spacing at the bridge a bit wide so I'm making a new bridge and narrowing the spacing from 12 to 11 mm. Humbucker has a 3 way switch then the lever switch is a common 3 way pickup selector setup.
 #166615  by ChinaCatMatt
I just saw an obel equipped mando in reverb

Mann Mandolins Jerry Garcia “Cherise” OBEL EMdc Electric Mandolin

Damn I hate trying to link stuff from my phone on here. Anyway if you wanna take a look it looked cool I forget whether yours has one now that I’m writing a post I’m too lazy to go back and look lol.