#94819  by helio
 Fri Mar 04, 2011 8:49 pm
Just thought I'd share a shot of my new cabinets. The wonderful work of Tracy at Sound Scaper Productions. Two of his 1x12 "Quarter" cabs, and a great 4-space rack he built on request (The cabs are holding JBL E-120s, and the rack provides a great looking home to a Sarno Classic Tube Preamp and a Mesa 50/50).

If you're in the market for cabs, give a strong look to Tracy and Sound Scaper. Beautiful, strong cabs from a guy who has been a real pleasure to work with.

I had originally gone hunting for a 2x12, but was won over buy the idea of his 1x12s. More flexibility for stage setup, options to use just one with a small head for a smaller gig, and, yes... the attractive notion of dividing the massive weight of those JBLs between two separate cabs!

Thanks to Sound Scaper Productions!
 #94870  by unnbrokenchain
 Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:43 am
Wow! Love that rack Tracy made. I have been wanting to get another cabinet from him. If you don't mind telling me (in a pm') how much was the rack? 4u? I would love to get an 8u or a 10u made from him. Love the handles on that thing!
 #94871  by JonnyBoy
 Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:23 am
Looks great! You should stain/clear coat them or just clear coat them (if not already) strengthens the veneer. (although don't think Jerry did, dunno). Is this Matt G.? If it is you got you stuff mighty fast, and can't wait to hear it. Either way,,,, :cool: NICE!!!!
 #94875  by helio
 Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:03 pm
Hi all... I'm going to do a mass reply here to the previous posts / questions...

1. Loving the Mesa 50/50, for a couple of reasons.

- I came to this from Fender 6L6 combos, so 6L6s are my home turf.
- I debated going the route of the Mesa 20/20, but that's not 6L6s, and... more importantly, I enjoy a good deal of headroom. I love my overdriven tones, but I also love a good, powerful clean tone. My band (Midnight Hike... based in DC) plays everything from small clubs to larger outdoor stages, so wanted the power to keep those cleans at the louder settings when the venue requires it.
- It's simple. Again... I came from vintage Fenders. Volume, a tone knob or two (or three), maybe a reverb knob... and that's about it. Sarno's CTP has this simplicity nailed. And I like that the Mesa keeps it simple too. Turn it on, adjust volume on the two channels. Done. Not a lot of bells & whistles to mess with.
- the price was right. These older 50/50s are only available used, and I picked mine up for under $500. A lot of power and tone for the $$!

2. About the amp rack that Tracy made:

- it is indeed a 4 spacer. I knew I'd need 3 spaces (Sarno = 1, Mesa = 2), and didn't want it much bigger than that... but prudence suggested adding a 4th space just in case...
- Price: I don't mean to be mysterious or unresponsive on this one, but I'm very hesitant to quote any prices for Tracy. The rack was a custom request, and I don't know how he typically prices out those jobs. I had already ordered the two 1x12s from him, so... for example... I'm not sure if he cut me a better deal on the rack because of the other items already on order. I can tell you that the price was very competitive to the store bought racks you'd see at Guitar Center, etc... But this one has soooo much more mojo! And that mojo will only increase as the thing ages. Again... don't mean to be unhelpful... just want to leave the quotes in Tracy's court. I'd say just give him a ring and tell him what you want. A great guy.

3. Clear coat: I don't know the details of what he used, but I do believe Tracy put some sort of lacquer on these. My ordered was delayed a bit, actually, because wet weather in St Louis was slowing down the drying process! BUT... what I do really like about them is that whatever he did coat them with... it's very, very subtle. I'm not a big fan of thick, glossy finishes on wood. I much prefer to not really notice that final coat... and that's pretty much how it is with these. I also love that, as time goes on, these cabs will get knicked, scuffed, scraped, and that the wood will change color tones. That, too me, is when raw wooden items like this really become great to look at!

4. This is not Matt G. It's James in Washington, DC. My band here is Midnight Hike (midnighthikemusic.com). (Note... if you happen to listen to our tunes, the pictured rig is sadly not in them. Our recent album was recorded in December. This rig is circa February 2011). Our music is original rock / alternative rock stuff. Band's influences are all over the place, but I come to this strongly schooled in Clapton, Jerry and Trey... huge on Trey the past couple years... with a deep appreciation too of the Edge and Andy Summers. Not saying that I sound like these guys! Just where my head is when I'm playing / jamming / writing.

Thanks all... lots of fun being a new member to this forum!
 #94892  by modz
 Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:31 pm
Hey guys. Thanks for the love! I really am flattered and appreciate it. I met a lot of cool people here and have had SO MUCH info shared with me! I'm not trying to do the cab thing as a business, I just like to have fun with it. I don't charge much for my stuff at all in my opinion (and especially my wife's opinion:). I think the rack was 200.00 with a front and back cover held on with 8 neodymium magnets. Is that correct helio? At times I have been overwhelmed with orders and stressed with getting them out. I'm a working musician 1st but I do have fun with the cabs. I can't afford to pay anyone to help me with out raising my prices so I do everything by myself (I even made the last batch of aluminum clamps myself). As is it is I am lucky to make 8.00 an hour but the commute to work is SWEET! I have TV, AC, loud live Dead blasting all of the time. My shop used to be my recording studio so it is insulated like crazy and I work all night long. Musicians schedule.
@ JonnyBoy. What is the clear coat you are talking about? I'm using lacquer and I'm spraying a lot of coats and sanding in between each one. If any other cab builders would share any ideas about a good way to get a nice thick coat on cabs I would love to hear from ya. I have a car paint gun and a nice compressor and that's it. I share any info I have, no matter ho hard it was to gain.
I'm hesitant about putting projects up on RUK because i don't want to look as I'm spamming but I have been working on one project with a very well respected Grateful Dead detective from RUK:) If he wants to tell everyone who he is I would love it but I won't without permission. Anyway this guy is a total psycho about accuracy and I loved it!!!!! We sent drawings and emails back and forth for a 2 months. We both went to our contacts in the family and I think we made an insane 80's Jerry rack. I charged 400.00 for it and probably have 100 hours into it with RnD and scrapping prototypes etc.
Anyone up for a look at it?
Quote from my wife
"I think it's smooth enough! Your going to sand a hole in it"!
like always if there is anything anyone needs please ask and I will send you anything as long as it doesn't cost me money:) No free clips. ha ha ha
I'm to busy in the shop right now and it's cutting into practice time. My suggestion is to build your own stuff! It's a blast and you will feel great playing out of your own creation. I end up selling every cabinet I take for myself! Someone at a gig will just offer me too much money and I have to say yes. My kids love food!
I am swamped with orders right now so be patient or please check out some of the other great cab builders on RUK. Personally I have talked to hogan and seen his cabs and they are fantastic. Of course even though I'm not trying to copy HT cabs, Hard Trucker is the quality I strive for. I think their stuff looks the best! I saw my 1st one in 2010 in person when visiting my two previous drummers, Dino and Rob from DSO, after a pageant show in Stl. Rob Eaton let me check his gear out. HT cabs are the real deal imo! I think it is great that they share their dimensions freely!!!! Way to go HT........ Can I get a job with you guys:)
 #94893  by JonnyBoy
 Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:56 pm
You are doing awesome. When a fellow musician in my area saw my rig and loved the look and the tone, he begged to know how to have it. I pointed to the boys in St.Louis, because you guys R KIND for real. Not that others are not, just that it seemed like one stop shopping I guess. But, you always have nice things to say, never a cross word. That goes a long way. Take your time, and feed your kids.

I have done carpentry/refinishing as a profession for years, and I used Spar Urethane (marine grade Polyurethane) on my Jerry rack and cab. Mine were faced out in heart of pine 1/4 stop, mahogany and oak accents and facing for durability. I made it all in an afternoon in my driveway with kids running around, so I could have thought it out a little better, but it works great!! People want me to build one here and there, I tell them how to do it or who to go see, I just don't want to change my profession into cab building, that's all. When I make high dollar mahogany doors, SPAR is what I use, and still get the finish like glass. for a door, 3-4 coats poly, 220 grit paper and a palm sander. It goes on thick each coat, takes 24hrs to cure before sanding, gives you time to do other things or sleep and feed kids.

here are some hard to see pics of it, I wound up filling in the screw holes, put stickers and things on it, plus some hardware to help carry it. it all covered the screw holes on the side of the effects cab. I put locking skids on the bottom of the effects cab so it will "lock" into the 2x12 between the 3/8" facings and it is like leggo's, one unit. you can also turn the 2x12 on its side and do the same thing. if you push it over the speaker cab goes with it, but it lifts out very easy. This pic was right after the second coat of poly, which was where I stopped :lol: .

Keep on keepin' on Tracy, you are doing great and Matt is in great spirits the last time I talked to him. :smile:

 #94896  by Chuckles
 Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:24 am
Hey James!

Another DC-ite here playing through one of Brad's Classics. Love it! Wish I had the good-lookin' woodwork you got from Tracy tho...

You got any local gigs coming up? All I saw on your website was your NY show... would love to come check you guys out...
 #94897  by modz
 Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:02 am
Thanks for the kindness JohnnyBoy:) Did you brush it on? I need to spray it. Brushing takes a long time and it drips at the corners. I have a local master woodworker here in my town and I fixed his bass and replaced some Caps in his bass amp and he is going to give me tips on spraying. He also says that polyurethane is the way to go. Honestly I was afraid of putting thick coats on but now I wanna try it. I hear you about not wanting to switch professions. My bands are always ragging me about woodworking and not having time to play but the kids gotta eat:) I used to make a total living touring but I don't wanna be gone 2 months at a time. Maybe in a few years.
Your rack looks great! Chuckles we need to hit soon!
 #94916  by JonnyBoy
 Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:42 am
modz wrote:If anyone wants to see the rack here are a few older photos. I haven't uploaded the finished photo's yet.
http://s240.photobucket.com/albums/ff19 ... %20orders/
You're customer does know how heavy that is gonna be when the stuff is all in it? Mine is about half the size and almost unbearable to lift with all the pedals, a GCX with all the patch cables, tuner, amp cords and wall warts. It may be OK with just some pedals and a tuner. The mosvalve backup amp is a heavy SOB.
Since he got a friendly deal on it, I would suggest he invest in a road case with wheels, for easy moving. I lock mine on top of the 2x12 and use a 4 wheel furniture dolly on the bottom at all times, even on stage so I can move it easily if I need to get around it or something. Harbor Freight has some small dollys under 10 bucks....Some big ones too..I use the big one for my whole stage rig, and I use the small one for my 2x10 at home so I can roll it around as needed when practicing. I would actually like to get a pneumatic wheel carrying dolly that folds up and stuff to go through the Mississippi half gravel half asphalt parking lots. anyone do any welding around here? :lol:
 #94927  by waldo041
 Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:03 pm
modz wrote:If anyone wants to see the rack here are a few older photos. I haven't uploaded the finished photo's yet.
http://s240.photobucket.com/albums/ff19 ... %20orders/

GREAT JOB TRACY!!! I think we nailed it! or at least come out with the closest representation of the real deal with what we had to go on. I knew we picked the right man for the job, and your work on this project is outstanding! can't wait to see it in person.

 #94928  by JonnyBoy
 Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:08 pm
AHH ha! a Waldo collaboration! I am sure it is as close as government work can get then! (not quite sure if I used that allusion right, people say it here a lot and I am still practicing its usage).

It does Look Sweet! Again, get some wheels! (or a few roadies!)

 #94938  by waldo041
 Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:07 pm
JonnyBoy wrote: It does Look Sweet! Again, get some wheels! (or a few roadies!)

for sure! but the guy who actually bought it has no plans on moving it anywhere besides maybe rolling it from one side of the room to the other on it's custom roadcase.