#170527  by brbadg
Hi folks. I’m in the market for a JBL E 140.
Some of the ones I’m seeing look pretty good with flaws like cone dents, etc. I looked up Spiral Reconing ( he was recommended here) . He had a stroke and won’t be doing anything for awhile. Can anyone recommend a service who does great work and has a Facebook account , or other online presence? Thank you , brbadg
 #170528  by Gr8fulCadi
I’ve read only positive reviews for Upland Loudspeaker in CA. I’ve got a k130 I’m looking to send there in the future. Expensive... but done right. There’s also a guy MattMan here used to recommend in Michigan. Can’t recall the info, much cheaper. But, Ken at Upland is supposed to be ‘Thee Guy’ for JBL recones.


Edit: Spiral Reconing was it! Ouch that’s horrible news about him.
 #170537  by Smolder
If you can find someone local that really studies JBL’s, you’ll save a ton on shipping. Other than that, Ken at Upland (as Jon said) in California is the expert.