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Anybody try these? I’m looking to clean up a blackfaced mid-70s Twin Reverb. Already replaced a pair of Eminence 121042s with a pair of Cannabis Rex, which is an improvement but still not as clean as I want. I was looking the EVM-12L, but not stoked on its weight of 18+ lbs. Then I saw the Copperback, at only 5.5 lbs and great reviews. I guess I just want to know if there are any downsides to them, based on first-hand experience.

I figure I’ll start with one of whatever I choose, pair it with one of the CRs, see what that mix of tone gets me, and try the other CR in my DRRI, which currently has a stock C12K in it.

Any insights and/or other suggestions appreciated. I’m really new to the speaker swap game. Main objective is to smooth out my tone and get more sparkle on the high end.
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This is the speaker Victory Amps uses in its 1X12 neo cab. https://www.victoryamps.com/cabinets

This might be useful to you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE7X0jJ ... e=emb_logo

A friend on TGP had this to say about the speaker: "Speculation early on was the Copperback was Celestion's take on an EV12L but with a lightweight neodymium magnet and with Celestion guitar speaker mojo. Some compared the frequency plot to the EV12L, and Celestion's blurb seems to imply this. If that were the case the Copperback should fit in EV12L applications."
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Thanks, @Jon S. I saw a ghost of your previous query about these when I searched the forum, but the thread is gone. Seems the assessment from your friend at TGP is pretty much what I’ve read elsewhere. It’d be reassuring to hear the same thing from someone who’s used them.

The shootout video is appreciated too, thanks, but seems more useful to high-gain aficionados, most of whom seem to prefer the V30.

Seems like the EVM12L would be a good choice, sonically, but would essentially render my TR about as portable as my refrigerator. If the Copperback gets me to the same place sonically, at 1/3 the weight, it would be a much more practical solution.
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wabisabied wrote: Tue Jan 19, 2021 1:43 pmThe shootout video is appreciated too, thanks, but seems more useful to high-gain aficionados, most of whom seem to prefer the V30.
The first part of the video is a clean-clean-clean comparison.
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Quilter uses the Celestion BN12-300S Neo speaker in their 12” guitar cabs. It’s sold as a bass speaker, but sounds really good paired with my MicroPro 200 8 combo. Super light and can handle up to 300 watts.

Bill, tgo
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Jon S. wrote: Thu Jan 21, 2021 7:55 am I thought this might interest you. A guy in this thread (joegold - an accomplished jazzer) who bought all of the BN12, the EM12N, and the Copperback sold the latter two and kept the BN12:

https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index ... t.2022575/

Well I ordered a Copperback last night and it has shipped, so I’ll get to find out for myself. Compared to what I’ve been playing through, I think it will be a major improvement. Should I still feel unsatisfied, I guess the quest will continue. I don’t have experience with high efficiency speakers, so won’t have much of a perspective for comparison, but will share whatever my impressions are once I get it in my rig.