#167087  by nuthatchwinters
Hello all. Having an issue with speaker. Have 2 e120 in cab and the one on top pulsates and makes very faint clicking noise when amp is on. Guitar still sounds fine but it definitely seems something is off. Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions. MK
 #167093  by lbpesq
Have you tried the speaker with a different amp to determine if the issue is with the speaker or the amp? I’d try that first to isolate the problem.

Bill, tgo
 #167094  by Jon S.
I ruled out the amp when the OP ID'd his cab as a 2X12 and only one of the two speakers is exhibiting the issue. In doing this, however, I assumed the speakers were wired in parallel (or possibly, but less likely, series) with one speaker cord from the amp to the cab. Though unlikely, perhaps I should have asked first whether in fact, as I used to do with my 2X12 (before I decided I never wanted to cart a JBL-loaded 2X12 ever again in my life, sold it, and replaced it with two 1X12s), the OP is driving each speaker independently.
 #167097  by nuthatchwinters
Yes wired in parallel, and it comes and goes, sporadic. Anyway thanks for the replys. Going to swap speakers around and switch wiring and see what happens. Thanks!