#166544  by mingus1013
Hello -
I recently picked up 2 used K120s. Ive been reading a lot about degaussing and alnico magnets having reduced strength due to age.
For those with k120s- is this a real concern? Out of curiosity, I took a screwdriver and touched the external side of the magnet and there is barely any 'pull', despite the speaker seemingly being fine otherwise. This is definitely not the case with ceramic speakers I have available - they pull the screwdriver quite strongly. Perhaps this is just the case with Alnico magnets, or perhaps the covering / frame on the K120s is blocking some of this effect?

Unfortunately I've not found anyone remotely local who can re-gauss speaker magnets. I'm guessing that this may not be a concern at all - but something I'd like to try to address before I install them in my cab.

 #166598  by caspersvapors
the magnet covers on the JBLs do a good job of shielding the pull of the magnets. So not feeling a pull as compared to a ceramic magnet speaker, which is usually naked, is normal.

Are your speakers original of have they been reconed? Its probably best to just mount them and play through them. If they sound great and are loud enough I wouldnt mess with them
 #166611  by mingus1013
Agreed -

One needed re-coneing, which I did, and indeed found the magnet to be very strong under the cover.

Thanks for your thoughts / confirmation!