#166455  by nuthatchwinters
i apologize. i know its been covered. but i just want to be sure. i have mac 2105 and cab with 2 e120s, 8 ohm each. back of mac is right and left channel connections labeled C, 4, 8, and 16 and connection spots on each end with no numbers above, which is to the left of 0 and right of 16. so where am i going to? 1/4 jack is in the back of speaker cab and 2 things to screw into mac, one with white wire, one black. one on c and one on 8?
 #166456  by tntawney
If the two 8 ohm speakers are wired together in parallel , then wire the black to common "C" and the other to 4 ohm on the Mac. If you are just going to use one speaker or the two in stereo, put the other wire to 8ohms on the Mac. But it really doesn't matter too much. The JBLs can handle the mismatches. I would just do what sounds the best.
 #166459  by tntawney
Pointclear wrote: Mon Nov 18, 2019 7:37 am Also, be aware that the mc2105 doesn’t have a mono mode.
I have a mc 2105 and there is no way to bridge both channels like the mc2100 . It was intended for home use, so I guess they didn't think there was a need to bridge the channels. Also why there is a delicate glass front. The mono mode is just one side. The only way to use both channels is to use two speakers in stereo.