#160037  by nuthatchwinters
hello all. I am just about to go ahead and order a hard truckers jg1 speaker cab and pre amp my 71 fender twin with it. i understand i will need a solid state power amp to acomplish this and have been leaning towards a carvin for that aspect of it. just curious how to actually run all together. is it as easy as just pluging in a few cables to the right spot? any and all feedback greatly appreciated. thank you
 #160038  by TeeJay
Its easy. Short 1/4 instrument cable from preamp out into power amp input. 1/4 speaker cable from power amp output into speaker cabinet. If you want to bridge the Carvin power you have to connect to the binding posts/banana plug. I made a banana to 1/4 speaker cable for convenience.
 #160039  by nuthatchwinters
thanks teejay. sounds pretty simple. can you just clarify the bridge and binding post/ banana plug you referenced. i'm not very knowledegable with all this. thank you
 #160041  by TeeJay
You have the option to bridge both sides of the 100w power amps into a single 200w amp.
 #160044  by TeeJay
nuthatchwinters wrote:thank you all. very helpful.
No prob. It looks crazy :shock: when you see all that stuff in the manual especially if you are new but it's not that bad. If you need help let me know- :-)
 #160049  by Searing75
MattMan wrote: Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:44 pm Your Twin is already modified with a preamp out?
This is what I was going to ask as well!

Also, once you do have the Preamp out from the Twin, I would not recommend bridging the Carvin. Just use one channel at 100w per speaker.
 #160055  by nuthatchwinters
i am embarassingly uneducated in all of this. the twin in not modded with a pre amp out. guy I bought it from apparently is a wiz with the amps and what not. hopefully he can help with the mod. thank you.
 #160076  by strumminsix
The advice above is missing 2 critical steps:
1) you need a preamp out from your Twin
2) you need to turn off the preamp section of the Twin

I am purposely vague on point 2 for many reasons. First is that I don't know what this entails. Second is that this can be done a few different ways and there's some speculation on why Jerry kept the tubes in his amp.
 #160149  by nuthatchwinters
glenn at hardtruckers recommended running cab right off fender twin until I get power amp and have proper mods done. there is a jack on rear of twin that says "ext speaker" or something. is it as easy as running cable from this jack to the ht speaker cab and disabling the stock speakers in the twin?
 #160150  by MattMan
If you want to just use the external cabinet speaker you will need to unplug the internal speakers. You can use them both together but its probably not the tone you're going for. Might as well try though. Or you can take out the internal speakers and put in the speakers from the cab until you make your twin just a head.