#159739  by WokeUpDead
I bought a bunch of JBL 110 speakers a while back...

3 D110f - two look to be reconed with e110 kits, one has a date of 1979 handwritten on the cone and a white serial number stamped on the back of the cone so could be original or recone.
2 K110 - 16 ohm looking original.
1 K110 - reconed with same e110 kit per the identical yellow handwriting indicating e110 as the D110's I have.
1 K110 - Written k110 - 16 on the back of the cone with a handwritten date of 1984
1 E110 - Looks like original cone.

What effect does using the E110 kit on speakers like the d110 and k110 usually have? I was thinking of putting them in my super reverb but I have to modify the baffle in order to do that so I'm not sure if I should on a vintage amp to find out the speakers are gonna sound like crap anyway. I'd consider getting them reconed, particularly the D110's but there doesn't appear to be original parts and I"ve been reading some things that say that modern recones on those speakers won't come close.

Opinions and what to do appeciated.