#158825  by Gr8fulCadi
Howdy folks,
I’m looking to recone two oxford 12t6-10 speakers for my 73’ Twin. Any recommendations in the Chicago/suburb area is greatly appreciated.

I took Matt’s recommendation and emailed spiral reconing in Berkley Mich and seemed like a good place but would like to avoid the $50-$60 in to and from shipping if possible.

 #158842  by paulkogut
Sorry to hear that. Tim had done some good repair work for me in the past, but never a re-coning, so I checked his website before steering you in his direction. I'm not in Chicago any more, so I'm not up to date on the scene. I think I got a pair of JBL monitor speakers re-coned through DeciBel Audio on Milwaukee Ave, but it was long ago. Maybe try calling some of the guitar shops, like Maken Music? Best wishes for your repairs!

 #158845  by Gr8fulCadi
PK, no worries at all. Tim emailed me back and said he was gonna update his website. I’ll keep digging around, and worse case I’ll ship em off to a reputable establishment. I found a few places by me but had some so-so reviews.

Thx for your help!