#158767  by Jon S.
And in my first 30 minutes of putting it through its paces, I learned two interesting things:

(1) The D-series really does has its own sound. It sounds, to me, different from either the K or E-series JBLs, both of which I also own. (Similarly, the Ks and Es, to me, sound considerably more similar to each other than either does to the D.)

(2) The Weber NeoMag - I own two of these, too - which I never found to be very close to the K or E, actually does sound like a D.
 #158772  by Jon S.
My current Neomags are both 10" speakers (though, several years back, I had a 12" one in one of my cabs (EDIT: I'm recalling now that back then, my tech, who's seen many JBLs cross his bench, remarked that it sounded like a D).

I copped the FYD JG Special Reverb that was for sale here last week.

Actually, I believe the D series speaker in my amp is a recone.

To my ears, the JBL D and Neomags share a certain upper mid "signature" that's hard for me to explain but it's almost (almost, not exactly! "piezo-ish" sounding. I know this isn't a great explanation but I'm not finding a better way now to say it.

If I weren't so lame with recordings and videos ... :o