#154383  by 3169
Hey everybody I was the same newb that was asking about the E-120 in the Blues Jr a couple months ago. I appreciate all the feedback. I ended up getting a Beyma Liberty which is in the mail as I speak. I'm still wondering though if the Blues Jr will have the power to make it sound decent. I've got a C Rex right now and do have upgraded trannies but it's still EL-84''s and 18W. I got a good deal on the Beyma so I went ahead and got it. My hope was that it would still sound pretty good even though I don't have a Twin or anything that powerful. Thanks in advance for any feedback on this idea.

 #154384  by TeeJay
The Es love big watts... but so what just let er rip. It will sound fantastic.
 #154395  by brbadg
I guess that depends on how loud your band is.
I know that plugging the Junior into a 2 X 12 adds more volume.
 #154416  by Alligator
Wow, that speaker is almost as much as that amp. I had a blues jr but had to move it along in favor a twin. I couldn't get any speakers to sound like I wanted with that amp. Good luck.