#154004  by BisforBoogie
It looks like you can now, once again, buy the 12" NeoMag from Weber.


The 12" and 15" models haven't been available new from Weber for years. I'm not exactly sure how recently they've come back (days/weeks) but I've perused the Weber site off-and-on for the past 6 months or so and I know that they weren't there last time I looked.

Just figured that some folks 'round here might be interested...
 #158790  by RLW
I've just ordered 3 for a new SSP 3x12 cab ... will report back after it's set up. Will play various amps through the cab - have a Deluxe Reverb 68 ri, Mesa Mark V 10/45/90, and SMS JG Mod Pre into Carvin ... between all that gear there should nice a few decent samples of how it all sounds.
 #158792  by Rusty the Scoob
I'll be curious, as a bass player I use all Neodynum speakers and I firmly believe all that heavy copper has no effect on tone at all compared to the Alnico, cone shape/construction, aluminum dome, etc. But I've never heard a NeoMag in person yet.
 #158793  by Jon S.
Remember the Neomag is modeled after the D120. Don't expect it to sound like an E or K.

OK, so this is just an informal pool performance and I'm straining on the lyrics (a bit above my normal range). But in the clip below, I'm playing through a pair of 12" Neomags being driven by an SMS into a Rocktron Velocity (1st lead at 4:00).

 #158795  by RLW
FrettyBoy wrote:I'm not seeing the NEOMAGs available on the Weber site anywhere.

I'm wrong - my order was Alnico California 12 - D120 clone - so yes, it's D, not E -