#152185  by Fogle
Hey there,

This is my first foray into posting on rukind, but i've been soaking up the info for years silently. Howdy.

So i'm starting from the ground up with a jerry rig design, I've determined i'm going with a MC2505 or similar amp to power a 2x12 cab, likely a hard truckers design. The popular choice seems to be the SMS preamp here, I and it looks perfect (I am pondering the FYD TRP preamp?).

For speakers, of course a D120 or K120. This initial post is me looking for guidance on an eBay D120F, here:

http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200 ... =824&kw=lg

The owner speaks of some paper rippling but stresses it is fine, what do you think about this? Anyone? Looking for any offers from kind folks as well.

Also considering the newer Purple Haze Alnico Tone Tubbys. I was in love with Trey's GD 50 tone... Is it possible to combine the Purple Haze with a D120 or K120 in a single 2x12 and power both nicely with a MC250, etc?

I live in Portland, OR. If anyone one here is in the area and is feeling the need to educate a younger (music undergraduate) player, please reach out, even just for the sake of talking Dead.

 #152186  by pula58
The seller has only 4 transactions in his Ebay history. Personally, myself, I would avoid. But maybe I'm a little jaded....
Also, successfully shipping a JBL (without it being damaged in transit) involves some good, speaker-specific, packing skills. So, ideally you want to buy from someone who's done that(successfully) a number of times.
Other than that, it's hard to tell from the photos. Good luck to you!
 #152187  by ccw3432
Hello and welcome Forrest. I've had mixed success purchasing JBLs on Ebay. I got a couple real nice E120s but I also got a warped K120 and another jacked E120. Personally, I would look for one that does not have any visual problems or reported sound problems, even if the cost is a little more. Having had some issues with getting a quality speaker I would also want to be fairly confident that the seller knows the speaker is in good working order from first hand experience. Be careful with sellers that haven't tested them or know what to look for when testing. My success rate isn't the greatest on ebay but I was able to pick up a nice set of E120s there. I found a couple great K120s at a used amp shop which are awesome. I got to test them myself in the shop, but paid a little more for them. There's good one's out there and once you get some hopefully you'll be set for a while. I'm also really interested in the Purple Haze...
 #152189  by kurt eye
I bought a pair of tested and functioning K-120s for just under $400 only to have one of them crap out and need a recone shortly after I got it. When buying original cone JBLs there is no telling how long it will be before it needs a recone. Some say that any original speaker of that age absolutely needs a recone.
Bare that in mind when buying. You may want to look for some cheap blown JBLs and have them reconed yourself.

I sent mine to these guys on Ebay. I had my K-120 reconed to D-120 specs and I absolutely love it. Its got a richer, less ice picky sound than my K-120. They have a nice write up on the virtues of the D-120.

http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200 ... =824&kw=lg

Also just curious on the MC 2505 - how much are looking to spend? Seems like an expensive option.

Good luck.
 #152197  by Fogle
Hey thanks for the thoughts and advice everyone.

- As for the original eBay question of mine; you are right it is not worth it. A bit suspect..

Now i'm just getting started, i've got a load of other questions and countless others to arise. I'm not too aware of forum posting rules but I guess i'll carry on for now.
Regarding the Mcintosh, I found a couple nice deals on the mc2505, compared to the 250 or mc100 for example. My plan is to power two 12" speakers, I want to be able to drive them sufficiently (regardless if I start with an actual D or K120). Really looking for general advice from anyone, I plan to turn this into my primary set up. I've been playing out of solely Twin Reverbs for 8 years now, its time to progress :smile:

I'm a bit nervous about taking the plunge on the vintage speakers, it's an intimidating thing to look at first. I'm assuming reconing will be mandatory immediately (while I would still hope for the best ) . It would be great to buy them from someone who cares...

So, Mcintosh amp suggestions for a medium 2x12 cab and twin preamp? I'm envisioning something on par and likely louder than my current twin arrangement (but still supple enough for smaller gigs). A general note here, I am not seeking the purest holy jerry tone, more a trajectory and vantage point for my own playing. Of course I would want to get that tone still...

 #152199  by ccw3432
There are still good speakers out there that don't need recone. I know because I have K's and E's that I use all the time with original cones and they are still doing great. If you find one to buy, talk with the seller, and when you get it test it immediately. Check to see that they offer returns, and send it back if it's not functioning properly. It's worth the trouble for a good JBL. They really are outstanding speakers.
 #152204  by kurt eye
ccw3432 wrote: It's worth the trouble for a good JBL. They really are outstanding speakers.
Absolutely. Its not the end of the world if they need a recone either.