#151512  by direwolf1989
Stopped by my friends music store the other day in middle of nowhere nj. Checking out there bass selection (seeing as I'm primarily a bassist) I look to the side and I see those alum. dust caps. I inspect further and I see a late 60s-early70s Sano 2x12 with to Jbl D-120Fs(the cab even has a jbl badge on the back) for $349........ I have the kid working there call the owner of the shop to check because I'm in total disbelief and being a friend of one of the partners in the shop I wanted to make sure they knew what they were selling and sure enough it was mine that price. I pop open the back and these speakers look new, like a time capsule, no dry rot or VC rubbing, no dents in the caps... I'm in total disbelief. Rewired it to 16 ohm, and now I have one of the sweetest guitar cabs I've ever owned. Haven't gotten a fender into it yet ( live with an amp builder and do guitar work myself) playing a marshall like head he built through it and it is dripping with allman Bros tones, gonna try to get a modded twin through it soon

Im in love with these speakers, were took our makeshift Jerry Rig (silver face super reverb preamp tap > Bogen SS 100watt amp> Sano 2x12 with D-120Fs) and I'm speechless. The one thing I will say about the JBLs is they are not very forgiving. They let you know exactly how much you suck hahaha.
 #151913  by tatittle
Yeah but boy are they gorgeous once you leran how to use em! Garcia used em from the time he started prolly so his style was developed to match em.
Nice find! They keep goin up in price too. Nothin like em, I just sold some K120-16's to a guy who started a company to try and replicate JBL's lol. You wouldnt believe what he paid to have the cab shipped out to him. There is no substitute.
 #153508  by direwolf1989
Update, ended up selling those speakers to the guitarist of a well known Brooklyn based Funk group who will remain nameless because he offered $600 for the pair (couldn't turn that down), now I have a set of D-131s that Im gonna recone with d-120f cones eventually (main gig is bass guitar so this is low priority)