#151233  by gratefulredhead
Hey gang,

I'm selling off some gear and want to offer this up to the Deadhead community first, before I put it on Reverb.

It's a beautiful 8ohm, 12" aluminum cap speaker that does a great job at emulating the JBL120 series speakers. 225W, so you'll never blow this bad boy. Here's a link to one on Amazon so you can read about them.
http://www.amazon.com/EMINENCE-COMMONWE ... B000BBGRJQ

They go for $174 on Amazon- I bought mine about a year ago from an Eminence dealer. It has about 100+ hours on it so it is broken in but in perfect condition.

I'll let it go to someone in this community for $100 plus shipping. I live in Iowa.

Let me know if you are interetsed! I'll list it on Reverb in about a week.
 #151978  by gratefulredhead
MRiley99 wrote:Where are you at in Iowa? Im in Des Moines and if you're close I'd consider taking it of your hands. Let me know, thanks.

I live in Iowa City, and will be in Des Moines to play a show on May 5th actually. I'll be at the Des Moines Yacht Club with my band, Winterland. If you are interested, I'll tote the speaker along with me.