#147452  by Blacklodgebob
Hey Gang,
I ended up getting a pair of the Purple Haze Tone Tubbies and was surprised to learn Big Red himself was using them in all of his cabs for the GD50 shows. I didnt really get it at first, as they are alnico can hang up to about 60w (labeled as 40). Have mine loaded in a HT fatty cab. They are very bright compared to other TT speakers, have used the ceramics and red backs so far. These Purps are my favorite of the bunch. Kinda like a JBL but much smoother. Just wanted to share in case any of you had enjoyed some of the tones culled this past weekend. Have no needed to break these in as much as other TT's. Let um rip! Cheers --> Wharf Rat was the song of the night last night for me :D