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Has anyone else explored these?

I bought an 8" on Kimock's recommendation for a champ (he uses two in the showman reverb head with his twin). It quickly became a killer little practice amp. I then bought one for a 5E7 tween bandmaster build I put together to get that Jensen tone. On a lark, I pulled the k120 and dropped it into my sf deluxe reverb. Stunningly great speaker. It has much of that dry crisp edge that the JBL's have.
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aiq wrote:I checked the website, pricey?

$50 for an 8", $110 for a 12"... Doesn't seem bad. Shipping speakers ($28 from them to me) has gotten very pricey though. I've not heard or thought much about the Alnicos. Certainly cheaper than the new blue tone tubbies - though I don't know if they are comparable.