#124521  by izuul56
Hey I am new here, but one thing the dead has had a huge influence on me was getting prime equipment. The dead was renowned for using McIntosh Labs walls of sounds for numerous tours. I recently purchased the new McIntosh McAire audio system and I cant wait for it to arrive for pick up. I am so eager to try it out and have a full sound in my home to listen to the upcoming artists and nostalgic dead songs.

 #150692  by jackevorkian
$3000 for a bluetooth speaker? Even the blue meters, glass face and stainless knobs aren't going to convince me this will sound like a real McIntosh system. My Bose bluetooth speaker sounds incredible for its size and cost...I'm doubtful that this sounds $2750 better than a company like Bose that has been in the tiny speaker game for decades.