#107611  by claytushaywood
 Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:11 pm
I've been searching for speakers for quite some time and due to my inability to find jbl's and the other similar type speakers locally. I have had to scour the web. at this point I was about to just go ahead and start buying and reselling. I have found quite a few Jbl demos, and a few of the other favorites of you guys here and there. Today i found this, amd I thought this was a really good sounding comparison. Using a zoom q3 to record sound (a field recorder i'm familiar with- same mics as zoom h4, h4n, h1 and similar to h2 and h2n i believe) The dude also has a pretty jerry "ish" playing style and does a bunch of similar more complex licks back to back while changing speakers.

Weber Cali (paper dome), weber michigan (paper dome), JBL D120 with an 80's recone, and a weber neomag with a cloth surround.

I'm sure the difference in person is greater, but I can hear a good deal of differences among speakers.

follow the link in the first post that i'm linking- that way you can see the speaker change timeline


I have a 2x12 and was thinking a metal dust cap in one and a paper in the other might be a good combo. Anybody got any experience? In my experience Ive found speaker combos with subtle differences works better than speakers with more drastic differences. metal and paper in one cab... yea or nay?
 #107626  by rugger
 Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:47 am
Sorry, I don't have any concrete answers to your questions, but I'd thought that I'd try to help you get there.

That demo you found by Pula58 is pretty good. He is a more active member on The Gear Page with musical influences that lean, as far as I can tell, towards The Dead. He may have posted here in the past, but I cant recall specifically. He seems to be quite knowledgeable regarding speakers and would be a good person to seek out with your specific question. I suggest you pm him, I'm sure he would be happy to answer you question.

Also, Jon S. on this site seems to have some pretty specific opinions on 2x12 cabs. Again, maybe a pm is the way to go.

Good luck,

John in San Diego