#87803  by zambiland
 Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:36 pm
tigerstrat wrote:
eeeeee wrote:It was interesting last weekend, Shakedown was playing Shakedown St. (imagine that!) and for 99% of that gig I use a pick, but I couldn't resist and decided to do some slapping during the jam. The tone of that was so perfect! Deep bottom and excellent snap and it was a really quick sound, not muddy or floppy.
Hold the phone- you play in Shakedown St. now, e? Is Ted G. still the Man?
Nope. Ted has retired from Shakedown. Josh Rosen has taken the Jerry chair. It's actually a pretty different band than from years past. I did play at Ted's last few gigs about a year ago. Definitely a fun dude!