#152462  by Bassman
Rusty the Scoob wrote:Well, that's abrupt! And here I was pondering Superfilters and whatnot. Why the sudden change?
I have been wanting a Series I for the longest time and have found one. with a 32" scale in near mint condition...that was able to try out and man i have to tell...its just incredible.
I might end up keeping this and sell my Superfilter instead.
 #153379  by hieronymous7
Bassman wrote:Kept the DeArmond
This is with a backline provided, only had a minute to try and dial it in....definitely boomy, but the height of the camera phone might have something to with it.
Sure sounds good to me! Glad you kept it - did you get the Alembic though?
 #153674  by Bassman
I got the Alembic Series I 32" scale....sadly I have to sell it....it weighs 11.5 lbs and after a run of 4 gigs in a row...my neck and shoulder were destroyed. Thats using the best possible strap. Turns out I am selling the DeArmond too...at a nice price. Changing things up with instruments and gear.